The Okeechobee Marshals

Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Competitions governed by the rules and guidelines of the

Single Action  Shooting Society (SASS)

Since 2000

Welcome to the home of the Okeechobee Marshals

The Okeechobee Marshals monthly match is held on the second Saturday of each month at the  The Indian River County Shooting Range  in Sebastian, Florida.

begins at 9:00 am.

For more informations and the latest updates, Contact Bonfire. 561-312-9076.


The Okeechobee Marshals are back to shooting their FALL schedule.

Please contact Bonfire at 561-312-9076 for further information.

The Okeechobee Marshals out and about

Photos courtesy of Redstone Rider

Amaduelist - SaSA 2016
Redstone Rider - SaSA 2016
Doc JH Hucklebury - SaSA 2016
Amaduelist - SaSA 2016
Polecat - SaSA 2016
Buffalo Brady Memorial Match 2012
First there's Smoke......
What are you lookin' at!!???
Next Shooter!
WarrDogg about to get his ass kicked
Dammit!  Hold still already!
Perfect shooting form!
Where is Start on this thing?
Keep your hands off my wrap!
Wait...I think that goes over there!
I REALLY hope this isn't the line
Wait a minute!......
It was there a second ago.....
I wanna new TO!
Let's the beep........
Seth, Slowpoke and Charlie...
What a difference a breeze makes!
Not sure these are the guns I brung!
Gonna' poke yourself in the eye!
HUH? Did you say I'm next?
Nice Hat!
Silver Buck Chuck
Kid Celero and Rattlesnake Rick
More Harumph......Harumph..

GOD needed a Cowboy

Buffalo Brady - aka James O'Hanlon


"Smokeless is just a passing fad"