The Okeechobee Marshals

Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Board of Directors

Bonfire (aka Bonie Fazio-Richards) SASS 69461- President


Amaduelist (aka Jeff Waidelich) SASS 28092L - Vice President & Territorial Governor

Amaduelist has served the club for over 10 years in almost every known capacity, as well as a few unknown ones.  He is a SASS ROIII Black Badge Instructor, a SASS Regulator, a repeat Regional Champion, a repeat State Champion and a repeat local level Champion, as well as having multiple Top 5 finishes at the SASS World and National Championships.  He is also our preeminent local SASS ambassador, bringing many new shooters into our sport. 


Doc JH Hucklebury (aka Tom Eitel) SASS 14473 - Range Director and Safety Officer

Doc JH Hucklebury has served the Club tirelessly for many years.  He arranges safe target placement and shooting positions and writes the stage procedures and scenarios. Most Cowboys do not know the rich cowboy history that is Florida of the 1800's.  Doc is well studied in this and his walk-throughs are often colorful stories of actual Florida historical events.  We learn about straight-up man-on-man gunfights, bank roberies, Cowboys vs Indians gunbattles, and many other violent disagreements often brought about by the nasty disposition that came with the intense climate, the alligators and mosquitos, Seminole Indians on the warpath, lawmen trying to keep the peace, and un-forecastable hurricanes and tropical storms.