Primer Notice and Information

Attention Cowboy Shooters

GAA recommends that you set the hammerfall on all your CAS guns to be sure they will strike with enough force to ignite a Winchester primer. Indications are that Federal primers will remain in short supply and, that short supply could become even more curtailed in the near future.  Additionally, there has been, for some time, reported inconsistencies in the primer cup hardness and therefore in the ignition strike force requirements of virtually ALL of the major brand manufacturers.

GAA has always used Federal primers for CAS loads, and will continue to do so, as long as they remain readily available. In the event they become unavailable, GAA will use Winchester or Tula primers.  GAA does not use CCI primers for CAS ammunition.

GAA Primer Study Results

Manf                     GAA Hardness Rating            CAS Shooter Reliabilty Rating

Federal                 4.0                                               9.7

Tula                       4.5                                               9.1

MagTech              5.0                                               8.5

Winchester         5.5                                               9.1

Remington          8.0                                               3.7

CCI                         9.0                                               2.5


The above information is a non-scientific and opinion based study rated 1-10, with 1 being the lowest or most Soft, & 10 being the highest or most Hard.

The CAS Shooter Reliability Rating is based on the collective opinion of a significant number of CAS shooters, who are GAA customers, who responded to direct inquiries about their respective experiences with different primers over the years.  The ratings are the aggregate results, not rating the primer, but the experience. 

The GAA Hardness Rating is based on testing done by GAA staff personell, in live fire testing, utilizing 12   calibrated hammer springs in a standard Ruger OM Vaquero, and is in our OPINION, essentially accurate.